If you’re looking for gifts for loved ones, objects for the home make a lot of sense. A well-designed home product is practical and will get a lot of use, but should also be beautiful and bring delight to everyday life. We’ve selected our favorite home products that accomplish both, from sleek, leather-wrapped phone chargers to menorahs and blankets that double as works of modern art.

An Artistic Wool Blanket

[Photo: Brooklinen]

Brooklinen Knitted Throw Blanket, $198

Brooklinen is famous for its lustrous bedsheets and ultra-plush towels that come in sophisticated, unfussy designs. But its throw blankets really bring its modern aesthetic to life. For the holidays, it has released lambswool blankets with stunning checked patterns, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s a knitted throw blanket made in collaboration with the textile designer Zoe Schlacter that has a wild graphic design that is sure to become a conversation piece in the living room.

Modern Candlesticks

[Photo: The Citizenry]

The Citizenry, Vida Ceramic Candle Holders, $279

Candlesticks are the thing that will take a dining table to the next level. If you’re looking for pieces that will fit into a sleek, modern home, there’s a pair of sculptural ones that are inspired by the landscape of Jalisco, Mexico. They’re made by the ethical home brand The Citizenry that works with expert craftspeople from around the world, ensuring they receive a fair wage. These candle holders are made by four artisans in Guadalajara, Mexico, and take four days to complete.

A Menorah That Doubles As Decor

[Photo: Susan Alexandra]

Susan Alexandra, Merry Menorah, $295

Here’s a menorah that you’ll want to display all year round. Made by the designer Susan Alexandra, its made from colorful beads that are both waterproof and heat-resistant, and the candle cups will fit standard Hanukkah candles. In the words of Alexandra herself, this menorah embodies the things she loves most about Judaism, “Humor, joy, and tradition, all in one.”

Wool Slippers That Will Never Come Off

[Photo: Glerups]

Glerups, starting at $100

There’s nothing like a pair of wool slippers to keep you cozy when the weather gets cold. Glerups have a minimalist, Danish design that come with either leather soles for indoor wear or rubber soles for times when you might need to step outside to pick up the paper. They’re manufactured in the brand’s own factory in Romania using wool from a farm in New Zealand that has high standards for animal welfare.

A Sculptural Ashtray

[Photo: Sean Davidson]/Gossamer]

Gossamer, The Nesting Set, $155

For your friend that enjoys a good joint, here’s an ashtray that they’ll be proud to leave on the coffee table. Gossamer, the glossy magazine focused on the cannabis lifestyle, has launched the smoking accessory in collaboration with the award-winning artist Kickie Chudikova. It’s a set of three sculptural glass objects that nest together: a lidded ashtray, a standing pipe, and a one-hitter. But these pieces can double as an incense holder, key valet, or storage. When you put the lid on, you can discreetly store your smoking tools.

A Beautiful Phone Charger

[Photo: Courant]

Courant, MAG 2 Charger, starting at $100

Chargers tend to be ugly affairs, but Courant is on a mission to make them as beautiful as possible. This elegant standing charger, which is wrapped in either leather or linen, can charge two devices at the same time. The magnetic snap on that is compatible with iPhone 12 or newer keeps the phone in an upright position, which is great for taking FaceTime calls or seeing messages come in.

A Better Designed Duvet Cover

[Photo: Pippen House]

Pippen House, The Signature Duvet Zipper System, $450

Duvets keep us cozy in the winter, but they’re among the most aggravating products in the bedroom. It can be hard work putting the duvet cover on and then, there’s always the risk it’ll get bunched up, leaving your feet cold. Pippen House has developed an ingenious system that allows you to change your duvet cover in 60 seconds flat by zipping the cover directly onto the duvet. They come in a variety of styles, including elegant scalloped and piped edges.

A Mug That Keeps Your Coffee Warm Forever

[Photo: Ember]

Ember Mug, $150

There’s nothing like that fresh cup of coffee that’s exactly the right temperature. But in the midst of everyday life, hot beverages often get lukewarm before you have a chance to finish drinking it. Enter the magic of Ember. It looks like a normal mug, but it is embedded with technology that will maintain the temperature of your drink for up to 1.5 hours. It comes with a saucer that charges it. And you can even buy a splashguard cover for it, so you can bring it on the go with you. For the holidays, has launched two new colors, sage and sandstone, which are elegant and soothing.


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