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Things to Upgrade Your Life in 2023

Guarantee people think you’re a no one
The challenge I have in real life is if I talk about anything I’ve done online people tend to treat me differently. I hate it.
In 2023 I am going to change how I introduce myself. I will tell strangers I run a small online academy for hobby creators.
The hope is people will be less fake toward me. Try it. Don’t introduce yourself based on your job title or a business you own.
Say “I’m Peter, a father of four from Frankfurt. Pleased to meet you.”

An expectation of a recession
I’m a finance guy … and I’m an optimist by nature.
But the data doesn’t lie. Next year will likely be a recession (again), although politicians and economists love to argue over whether we did go into a recession in 2022.
Either way, when you plan for winter it’s easier to enjoy it when it comes around. I am expecting a recession so my income expectations have eased. This is giving me much-needed peace of mind.
The best part is recessions are the greatest time in history to invest.

Adopt the 10X rule

This rule came from controversial entrepreneur Grant Cardone.
He’s not my cup of english breakfast tea but he makes a damn good point. You have to work ten times harder and do it for ten times longer than you think to achieve a goal. But the result will be 10–100x’s greater.
That’s how I feel about writing. Working harder at writing means doing more research and reading more books than is comfortable.
But I don’t want to fizzle out or back down from my goal to become a writer who reaches millions of people and one day writes a book. Many of you reading this have the same opportunity.

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