If you like "Dior - Sauvage Elixir" you might like these 5 Fragrances

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The return of the series where I list 5 Fragrances from 5 different categories:
1. A STRAIGHT UP CLONE: This will be a Fragrance that is attempting to smell nearly exactly like the Fragrance in question.
2. ALTERNATIVE WITH A TWIST: A Fragrance that has a similar vibe but has a unique twist or difference.
3. NOTE SIBILNG: a fragrance that has the same primary or prominent note.
4. FURTHER ADVENTURE: A fragrance that could be seen as the potential ‘next step’ in your Fragrance journey on from the Fragrance in question
5. WILDCARD: a Fragrance you may or may not like if you enjoy the Fragrance talked about, this selection is something to take not of if you want to be more adventurous.

This time we are looking at the black sheep of the Dior Sauvage fragrance line: Elixir

By Roaldo

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