Whether you’re hoping to explore ancient cities or lounge on the beach, summertime travel is about to be top-of-mind for just about everyone. And if you haven’t heard of Yvelines, it’s about to be on your radar.

Expedia just released its summer travel outlook, which compares year-over-year searches for flights and lodging. And the report found that due to the Summer Olympics taking place in Paris, July 26 to August 11, France is going to be a major travel destination—especially the towns around Versailles, which is located in an area called Yvelines in Northern France.

The Yvelines area is famous for the magnificent Palace of Versailles, where guests can tour parts of the palace and the grounds, which encompass nearly 2,000 acres and received UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. The grounds will host equestrian and modern pentathlon events for the Olympics—which is probably why lodging searches for the area are up 520%. Similarly, lodging searches are up 310% in Lyon and 200% in Marseille.

In addition to the Palace of Versailles, Yvelines is home to an array of other castles (see the Tripadvisor list here). To further immerse yourself in the area’s castle culture, you could splurge on a stay at the 5-star Waldorf Astoria located in the Trianon Palace. The palace grounds include nearly 7-and-a-half acres of land and perfectly groomed gardens. Airbnb and VRBO also offer other castle-specific listings in the surrounding areas, although most of the hotels in the area are sure to book up quickly.

If you’re hoping to save some money during your summer trip, Expedia notes that August is the cheapest summer travel month. While this may be inconvenient for some families preparing for the back-to-school season, if you’re committed to saving, it could be a worthwhile option. Airline tickets to Europe are around 30% cheaper in August compared to June—or if you’re considering a visit to Mexico or the Caribbean, tickets in August are around 55% cheaper.

The report also determined that the best way to save on trips is to book 21 to 60 days out, which means we’re already in that sweet spot, helping to save an average of 15%.

Finally, Expedia has determined that Mondays can be up to 15% cheaper for international trips, whereas Tuesdays are the cheapest day to travel domestically. Expedia also notes that flights before 3 p.m. are less likely to encounter cancellations. Whether you’re hoping to take in some of the Summer Olympic Games or just kick back and relax, it never hurts to be aware of the trends that could save you precious time and money while you’re at it!


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