What the Perfume Industry Doesn't Want  You to Know? | ODOUR The Documentary | Decide for Yourself

If you misrepresent the facts and publish false information you run the risk of being sued. Our documentary took aim at the multi-billion-dollar perfume industry and since its publication, over two years ago we have faced no legal action. In other words, to date, we have not been sued.

We did receive one “cease and desist” legal letter from one of the perfume oil companies denying that they make “smell alike” perfume oils. But once our legal team sent them the evidence we had, we heard nothing more.

Many of the comments below challenged the integrity of our data. We knew when we published this documentary that some people would find the information impossible to believe. But we now feel vindicated that the truth always prevails, even in this world of fake news!

By: Fine Fragrance Collection

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By Roaldo

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